Name Blind Recruitment

It could be a fad of the latest government or it could be the next big buzz-word in recruitment, but one way or another, it’s this season’s “thing” and it’s probably going to be handy to know a bit more about it one way or the other:


In case you didn’t know name Blind Recruitment is exactly what it sounds like. It is the practice of encouraging Candidates to apply for vacancies and withholding their name. Whether this is done by the Applicant, the Recruiter or the online platform, the outcome is that the end Employer does not get to find out the name of the person put forward for a vacancy prior to meeting them. This initiative is supposed to level the playing field for all applicants and prevent Racist, Classist or Sexist barriers to employment.


Announced officially last week at Downing Street, this is a big deal to our current Government with the Prime Minister himself saying:

I said in my conference speech that I want us to end discrimination and finish the fight for real equality in our country today. Today we are delivering on that commitment and extending opportunity to all.”

If you’ve got the grades, the skills and the determination this government will ensure that you can succeed.”

Many major companies are already getting behind the initiative including The BBC, Deloitte, KPMG, Virgin Money and NHS England


At the moment this is a UK initiative. UCAS has already stated that they intend for all university applications to be name blind by 2017 and several major organisations are following suit. Other countries have already established equal opportunities initiatives such as Spain’s Diversity Charter, The US with Affirmative Action and Canada with their Employment Equity


Some organisations are doing this already. It is by no means mandatory or an expectation of equal opportunity employers. 


Put simply; this is about discrimination and the allegation that across the UK a certain degree of bias is still present in the HR and Recruitment process that hinders those with “ethnic” sounding names from progressing in the recruitment process.

Several stories have emerged of individuals changing their name to progress where previously they have been unsuccessful (Jorden Berkeley, Tariq Ahmed) and have gained considerable media attention.

Famously, Barrack Obama went by Barry during his formative years and a current high profile US case is that of José Zamora.

Prime Minister Cameron said in his Conservative Party Conference speech, that having a “white-sounding” name made you nearly twice as likely to get a call back from an application than someone with a non-white-sounding name who was equally qualified.

And our opinion? Well, the consensus at My Job Hub Towers is that its okay…ish.

Though we aren’t particularly enamoured by the idea, it is always a good thing that positive action is being taken to level the playing field but overall the issue lies with education and picking the right people within organisations that manage talent. A company should perhaps take a long hard look at itself if its senior managers have to impose such an initiative because they believe that without it, their HR team might just edge on the periphery of racial bias. Perhaps the answer lies in recruiting a mixed HR team. Perhaps the answer lies in hiring educated and qualified Recruiters. Perhaps it’s about implementing an effective equal opportunities policy and engendering an attitude of equality and opportunity within an organisation. Though there is no definitive answer on this one, utilising an candidate sourcing tool that is multi-channel, multi-disciplined and has a wide coverage (such as My Job Hub for example) cannot be a bad thing at all. 

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Cracking First Day at the 2015 Recruitment Agency Expo

Blimey, yesterday was an absolute corker. Thanks to all the stallholders and everyone we’ve been chatting to throughout the day for making it a good ‘un, we hope you all had as much fun as we did.

We saw all the usual: shoe shining, masseurs and a virtual reality racing set-up, so all-in-all, a pretty standard Recruitment Agency Expo.

We’d like to give a little shout out right now to all our partners that turned up today and the top notch stands they put out. We liked them so much we even put a little gallery together, showcasing their wonderful displays:


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The My Job Hub Team are at the 2015 Recruitment Agency Expo

Howdy everyone, the My Job Hub team are here today at the Recruitment Agency Expo in London Olympia, making an appearance, meeting some people and generally just seeing what’s going on in the world of recruitment right now.

We’ve already had a pretty exciting day so far, meeting loads of great people and seeing all the awesome, wacky stalls that different recruitment businesses from up and down the country have put on.

If you’re down here as well, let us know and we can have a little catch-up. If you haven’t managed to make it down, then no worries, we’ve done all the hard work for you by coming here and taking a whole bunch of pictures of everything that’s going on, so you can get the 2015 Recruitment Agency Expo experience from the comfort of your own home (or office cubicle, which probably isn’t as comfortable, but still pretty convenient).



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How to Attract Recruiters on LinkedIn [INFOGRAPHIC]

A Happy New Year to all the My Job Hub blog readers out there, hope the holidays treated you all well!

We were thinking that there can’t be a better way to start the new year than by kicking your LinkedIn profile into 5th gear with a total makeover to maximise your chances at nabbing that dream job. That’s why we’re sharing this comprehensive LinkedIn infographic to help your profile be found by the right people.

Infographic courtesy of Armstrong Appointments


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Gutsy 10-Year-Old Applies for Top Council Position


In Kemijärvi, a municipality and the most northerly town in Finland, with a population of 7,915 and only 2.24 people per square kilometre, applications for local council leaders have recently opened. Across Eastern Lapland, the largest province in Finland, local councils have been appointing new heads over the past few months. In Kemijärvi however, the first round of recruitment ended to no avail, and so the application period was extended.

The extended application period closed at the end of last month (November), and it was found that among the 19 candidates all vying for the job of leader of Kemijärvi municipality was 10-year-old Mili Kasurinen, and Mili isn’t messing about:

“I wrote that I hope they would take my application seriously and made it clear that this is not some sort of joke to be laughed at. I asked them to read my application through to the end”


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CV Minimalism – Sometimes Less is More

cv minimalism

Why Do I Actually Need to Reduce My CV?

It’s fairly well known now that employers don’t take too much care pawing over every minute detail in your CV. In fact, they barely look at them at all. Research from shows that recruiters, on average, only spend 6.25 seconds looking at a candidate’s resume/CV before either accepting it or rejecting it and moving onto the next one. Now, this number isn’t entirely representative, as recruiters are likely to look over CVs a lot faster than actual employers and most in-house hiring managers, but it’s still a fairly telling bit of research. (more…)

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7 Great Questions to Ask Your Interviewer [INFOGRAPHIC]

We all know how an interview works; you enter a room faced by up to 4 people and are relentlessly interrogated for half an hour about your working life until you’re nothing but a husk of your former self. OK, maybe I’ve had some awfully harsh interviews but the general idea of interview is that you’re the one answering the questions, and your potential employer is doing all the asking.

But there’s always that special slot of allotted time at the end of every interview where the interviewer asks whether you, the interviewee, has any questions. Now you have to totally turn your ‘answering’ thought-process on its head and get in ‘asking’ mode. At this point, it’s difficult to come up with anything original or interesting because you’re totally exhausted from the rest of the interview and an original question is much hard to think of than an original answer.

Fear not however, keeping a few (if not all) of these 7 questions stored up in your noggin will go a long way to securing that dream job with a top notch interview.



Infographic courtesy of careerbliss

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Frozen Eggs, Naked Fridays and Other Weird Workplace Perks

New Workplace Perk: Free egg freezing for female staff at Apple and Facebook


Both Facebook and Apple have decided to up their workplace perk game and will now be offering to pay up to $20,000 (£13,000) for female employees to have their eggs frozen in an attempt to attract more women to their offices. Despite the potentially worrying ‘never stop working, a child will only slow you down’ underlying message in doing this, Facebook are keen to express that isn’t the angle they’re going for. They’ve drawn attention to the adoption and surrogacy assistance they also offer as well as “a host of other fertility services for male and female employees”, the company said. On top of this, any employee at Facebook with a newborn child receives $4,000 dollars in ‘baby cash’ to be spent on any baby fees, as well as four months paid leave for both mothers and fathers.

Even in light of all this, egg-freezing is still an unusual one, but after a bit of research, we found some companies really push the boat out when it comes to weird and wacky employee benefits, and here are our 9 favourites.


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jobboard generalist

The Problem with Generalist Job Boards

Generalist Job Boards Ain’t All That

Generalist job boards, you know the ones, all broad and non-specific, willing to take any old job posting no matter which industry or sector it’s from. Their usually brimming with job vacancies offering every sort of career you could ever imagine, giving budding candidates a huge scope to chose from, but this scope also means that one search could return anything from stock broker to sock maker. The size of generalist job boards, both in the number of applicants and the number of vacancies, may give them a great advantage, but it also serves to act as their biggest flaw, so here are 2 of the biggest problems you get with a generalist job board.


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Richard Says Relax – Branson Offers Unlimited Holidays


Richard Branson has recently made the decision to offer all of his Virgin personal staff flexible, untracked working hours and ‘unlimited’ holidays. This means that hours aren’t tracked in any way what-so-ever over at the Virgin camp, over the course of a year, no one would have an exact count of how many hours you’ve clocked in – not too shabby.


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