Gutsy 10-Year-Old Applies for Top Council Position


In Kemijärvi, a municipality and the most northerly town in Finland, with a population of 7,915 and only 2.24 people per square kilometre, applications for local council leaders have recently opened. Across Eastern Lapland, the largest province in Finland, local councils have been appointing new heads over the past few months. In Kemijärvi however, the first round of recruitment ended to no avail, and so the application period was extended.

The extended application period closed at the end of last month (November), and it was found that among the 19 candidates all vying for the job of leader of Kemijärvi municipality was 10-year-old Mili Kasurinen, and Mili isn’t messing about:

“I wrote that I hope they would take my application seriously and made it clear that this is not some sort of joke to be laughed at. I asked them to read my application through to the end”


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4 Top Tips for Online Job Applications

Applying for Online Job Postings (like the ones on My Job Hub)

Everything’s online now, you name it, it’s there, even my dog’s online, which reminds me I need to start charging him for all the bandwidth he’s using up.

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Anyway, online job applications are nothing new and are absolutely everywhere, and more-often-than-not they’re the only way to apply to most jobs. Which means you’ve got to know how to absolutely nail them in today’s job market. But, not everyone has had first-hand experience with online job applications, or even if they have, a lot of people won’t have been successful with them, so they aren’t much closer to being an online job application ace than they were before.

However, those days of job application despair, staring into the online abyss of job searches, are now over. My Job Hub’s gonna sort you out with our primo, first-rate, top tips, and there’s only 4 of them so hopefully they won’t be too hard to remember, give ‘em a read below.


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