The Evolution of Women in Business [INFOGRAPHIC]

There’s been great progress made towards gender equality in the workplace, but there’s still a long way to go. In celebration of how far we’ve come so far, here’s a lovely, informative infographic about the women who, over the past 100 years, have shaped the business world as we know it and continue to do so to day.RuVNG61

Thanks to Cornerstone OnDemand for the infographic

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Top 5 Celebrity Side-Jobs

People from all walks of life often take second jobs, mostly for an extra level of financial support, but more and more people are taking second jobs so they can pursue their hobbies and interests more actively than their primary job allows. Pursuing a second job, ‘just for fun’ isn’t something most people can afford to do, it’s a luxury reserved for the wealthy few, which is why celebrities, as you’d expect, are an absolute gold mine of interesting, strange and often rather successful, secondary jobs.


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Weird Job Wednesday: Alternative Sculptor

wjw sculptor facts

Facts of the Job

Job Title: Alternative Sculptor

Average Pay: Varies

Qualification/Experience Needed: No formal qualification or experience, but demonstrable proof of sculpting abilities will be necessary
When we think of sculpting, the image of Michelangelo’s ‘David’, or Rodin’s ‘The Thinker’ typically comes to mind. But for some people, clay and marble just ain’t their cup of tea. Instead they go in search for different materials to realise their artistic dreams. If you find yourself with a wealth of unfulfilled sculpting talent, wishing there was just some other way you could express your creative talent, then have a read about these ‘alternative’ scultpors and see if inspiration strikes.


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Weird Job Wednesday: Professional Queuer

wjw pro queuer facts

Facts of the Job

Job Title: Professional Queuer

Average Pay: £10-£20/hr in the UK

Qualification/Experience Needed: Literally none (though the University of Sussex sociology department currently offers a really good module in ‘The Theory and Practice Remaining Entirely Motionless for Extended Periods of Time’ which could set you in good stead)



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enhance your recruitment process with my job hub header

How to Enhance your Recruitment Process with My Job Hub [INFOGRAPHIC]

My Job Hub, Your Path to Finding and Being Found

Signing up with My Job Hub offers a whole host of different benefits and features that can kick your recruitment process into fifth gear. But rather than just put them all down in a boring bullet-point list, we thought we’d spice things up a bit with a My Job Hub recruitment infographic. This way you can print it out and keep it with you every second of the day to remind yourself of what a great decision you made by signing up with us! Or just share it with a few people online, it’s up to you really.


Supercharge your Recruitment: Find and be Found with My Job Hub - A Recruitment Infographic


Crikey, that sounds absolutely brilliant! I’ll take 4.

Actually, y’know what, make it 5.

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