My Job Hub App Launch!

As some of you may have heard, we’ve had an app in the works for a while now and today it is finally being launched to the public!


It’s widely known by this point that mobile is the future, as over half of all job searches are now carried out on a mobile device and 78% of candidates are happy to do so given the chance. So, in response, we’ve looked at all the research, taken it on board, and produced this handy little app for all our candidates to take advantage of, helping them to find and be found.

The app is now available on both the App Store (for you iPhone users) and Google Play (for the Android crowd) and it’s so simple even a monkey could use it. Working as an extension of the My Job Hub platform, our app means that you can now search and apply on the go, with your entire candidate profile available in your pocket, wherever you are.

It’s so simple in fact that you can go from opening the app to applying for a job in less than 15 seconds:

Applying for a Job in 15 Seconds


To get the app for free now, simply click the button below corresponding to your device and hit install. If you want to learn a bit more about how the My Job Hub app can help you, scroll down and find out more.

android dl badge2




3-save-for-later 4-build-cv 5-send-and-store-cv 6-android-and-apple

android dl badge2



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