Weird Job Wednesday: The Weird Job Photo Project

This Weird Job Wednesday we’re doing something a little different by taking a look at Nancy Rica Schiff’s photography project “Odd Jobs: Portraits of Unusual Occupations”.

Nancy basically went all over the US for over ten years taking photos of and talking to people with really weird jobs. As this is something clearly rather close to our hearts we decided that this Weird Job Wednesday we would pay tribute to Nancy’s amazing photographs by showing you a few of them right here. If you’ve been an avid Weird Job Wednesday follower you may even recognise a couple of peculiar professions from previous posts:

Street gum cleaner

wjw photo project (1)

Keeping out streets safe from unsightly sticky stuff we chew for a bit then spit on the floor


Horse chiropractor

wjw photo project (2)

Look at all that neck, it would be weird if horses didn’t have chiropractors


Rubber chicken maker

wjw photo project (3)

This man has literally been made a millionaire by rubber chickens


Crisp inspector

wjw photo project (4)

I wonder how many crisps with Jesus’s face on this woman has seen in her life


Toilet performance evaluator

wjw photo project (5)

If this man makes just one mistake his entire career will be down the toilet


Turtle rescuer

wjw photo project (6)

Laurence the turtle was stuck on his back for fifteen years before Daniel rescued him


Leech purveyor

wjw photo project (7)

For when modern medicine lets your down and you reckon a tiny blood-sucking slug might make you better instead


Dinosaur duster

wjw photo project (8)

Unfortunately Night at the Museum is a work of fiction, which means dino-duster Dave here is needed to keep them looking like it was only yesterday that they went extinct


Pet food tester

wjw photo project (9)

If it’s good enough for her then it’s good enough for Fido (find out more here!)


Gold ball diver

wjw photo project (10)

This man is making a fortune out of your terrible drive which always hooks to the left a bit (more again here!)


Street statue

wjw photo project (11)

Standing still and scaring children; if you’re good at something, never do it for free


Clock master

wjw photo project (12)

Like Time Lord, but not as fun


Presidential crack filler

wjw photo project (13)

Not as weird as it sounds, but still pretty strange


Fish doctor

Worlds Oddest Jobs

I’m not sure I really agree with this one; there’s no way a fish should be allowed to become a fully qualified doctor, that’s just unsafe


Wax museum figure maker

wjw photo project (15)

She’s widely regarded as the best in the business, all her figures are so deceptively lifelike


Horse dentist

wjw photo project (16)

Horses have to use a specially designed tHOOFpaste to keep those gnashers clean


Dog stylist

wjw photo project (17)

They say owners look like their dogs, in which case I can’t wait to see who this dog belongs to


Odour judge

Odd Jobs, Portraits of Unusual Occupations

How else do you think Lynx has perfected the scent of ‘desperate teenage male’?

That’s it from Weird Job Wednesday this week, you’l probably be seeing a few more of these covered in depth in the weeks to come, if one of them in particular stands out to you, then let us know and we’ll see if we can find out a little more about it for a future post.