Top 5 Celebrity Side-Jobs

People from all walks of life often take second jobs, mostly for an extra level of financial support, but more and more people are taking second jobs so they can pursue their hobbies and interests more actively than their primary job allows. Pursuing a second job, ‘just for fun’ isn’t something most people can afford to do, it’s a luxury reserved for the wealthy few, which is why celebrities, as you’d expect, are an absolute gold mine of interesting, strange and often rather successful, secondary jobs.

Justin Timberlake – Tech investor, home décor and clothing brand founder

celeb job timberlake homemint

Singer, actor and all-round swell guy Justin Timberlake as amassed a fairly sizeable fortune after all his years of chart-topping and box-office-smashing, and so he’s decided to see whether he can put that money to good use with a spot of investing, but it hasn’t been going all that great.

It started in 2010 with an investment in Stipple, an image-tagging startup which gained an impressive $14.4m in venture capital before shutting down a few years later. In the same year he invested in successful Shark Tank (American Dragons’ Den) contestants Miso Media, who ran out of money in 2013. His most publicised investment however has been in 2007’s Best Website of the Year recipient, MySpace. Participating in a $35m deal to buy MySpace, JT is focussing on turning it into a much more music-focussed platform, removed from the flashy, customised, .gif-heavy days-of-old. Luckily for Justin, this one’s actually not going too badly, with MySpace seeing over 200% growth in its yearly visitors by the end of 2014. On top of that he’s now the co-owner of AfterMaster, a chip which plugs into any device and automatically optimises the sound quality in real time.

On top of having loads of money to invest in things, Justin also has an impeccable eye for design, which he has put to good use in both his fashion label, William Rast and his home décor company, Homemint, which is hoping to ride the ‘Big Data’ wave and make home décor suggestions for you based on personal taste.


Jessica Alba – Ethical baby product company founder

Jessica Alba had her first child, Honor, in 2008. Unfortunately, she was born with an acute sensitivity to the toxins found in the chemicals often used in baby products. After struggling to find any high-quality natural alternatives for her child, she decided to fill the gap in the market herself. After three years she managed to find her three business partners and start up The Honest Company in 2011. Just three years later it had a turnover of $150m and is valued at around $1bn, whilst continuing to receive investment year-on-year to expand its product range.

celeb job alba honest


Brad Pitt – Furniture designer

According to the official ‘Pitt-Pollaro’ furniture design website:

“In 2008, Brad Pitt commissioned a custom desk from Pollaro Custom Furniture. Frank Pollaro personally delivered the desk to Brad’s chateau in the south of France. During the installation… Frank noticed a design sketch book on a nearby table. Intrigued by the hundreds of sketches that Brad had created over a ten-year period, Frank encouraged Brad to allow Pollaro to transform his drawings into three-dimensions. In reviewing the sketches, they selected what would become the initial pieces of the Pitt-Pollaro collection.”

That’s all you need to know. The pictures of the furniture speak for themselves and their sketchbook origins:

celeb job pitt furniture


Steve Carell – General store owner

In 2005, Steve Carell bought a house in the countryside, out in the quite beach town of Marshfield, Massachusetts (coincidentally also home to Steve Tyler). Quickly fell in love with the place, so much so that when the local general store was under threat of being shut down in 2009, Steve bought the 800-square-foot property outright for $575,000 and got his sister-in-law to run the place as store manager.

celeb job carell store

“This is much more of an emotional investment than a business one”

The Marshfield Hills General Store takes up half of a 150 year-old colonial style wooden building, the other half housing the local post office. The community value of the store means a lot to Steve and he knew that it represented something which, once lost, was very difficult to get back again. That’s why he even sometimes pops in to run the register and stock shelves on his downtime.


Roger Daltrey – Trout fishery owner

“I’m more proud of this than anything else I have ever done in my life”

This is what The Who front-man says about the Lakedown Trout Fishery in Sussex, England, which he owns and built himself. The whole thing came to be in 1979, when Roger wanted to get away from the city and enjoy a bit of the quiet life. He purchased a 20 acre estate in the country and set about digging some lakes in it with his mate because he thought some water would improve the landscape. After the completion of his fishery in 1981, he decided that rather than keeping it all to himself as he had planned, he would open it to the public, and it became rather successful.

celeb job daltrey fishing

The quality of stock back then however wasn’t all that great, so he decided to learn everything he could about fish farming and bought himself two trout farms in Dorset to supply his fishery in Sussex. He referred to that time as the “golden years”, when they bred over four million trout a year, which hasn’t been feasible in recent years because there’s not enough money in the business to continue employing that many staff. Now though he’s stepped back from running the fishery and trout farms to turn a former cattle shed on his 400-acre estate into a holiday getaway for people looking to escape into the peace and quiet of the countryside, lovely.


You don’t have to be a celebrity to want to pursue a job on the side, check out My Job Hub and see if anything catches your eye!