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How to Enhance your Recruitment Process with My Job Hub [INFOGRAPHIC]

My Job Hub, Your Path to Finding and Being Found

Signing up with My Job Hub offers a whole host of different benefits and features that can kick your recruitment process into fifth gear. But rather than just put them all down in a boring bullet-point list, we thought we’d spice things up a bit with a My Job Hub recruitment infographic. This way you can print it out and keep it with you every second of the day to remind yourself of what a great decision you made by signing up with us! Or just share it with a few people online, it’s up to you really.


Supercharge your Recruitment: Find and be Found with My Job Hub - A Recruitment Infographic


Crikey, that sounds absolutely brilliant! I’ll take 4.

Actually, y’know what, make it 5.

158 thoughts on “How to Enhance your Recruitment Process with My Job Hub [INFOGRAPHIC]

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